Motorola announces the Discontinue of mature VMEbus Boards


Subject of the RoHS
The EU direction 2002/95/EC for the limitation of the use of hazardous substances (RoHS = restriction of hazardous substances) prohibits putting products on the market which contain lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls or diphenyl ethers from July 1st, 2006.

Which Impacts does RoHS have?
For electronics manufacturers, the restriction of lead above all has major consequences. Lead is used up to now for almost all solder bonds. Lead-free solders are already available but require however a aprox. 30C higher soldering temperature. At these higher temperatures, a considerable part of the today's common components and PCBs are not suitable. Many components which are required for the production of mature CompactPCI and VMEbus boards will disappear from the market before July 1st, 2006, for lack of demand.

Which Exceptions exist?
Products which are expressly declared for uses in the medicine, the telecommunications infrastructure, and defence engineering are excepted from RoHS. In most cases however, these applications will require RoHS compliant replacements, due to economical manufacturing.

RoHS directive for download

Motorola announced to discontinue the Production of mature VMEbus Designs.
Reason is the EU direction 2002/95/EC which prohibits putting products on the market which contain hazardous substances from July 1st, 2006.

Affected Motorola Products
Affected are all 68k based VMEbus CPU boards and the first generation of PowerPC Single board computers:
CPU Architecture Affected Product Families
MC680x0 MVME147, MVME167, MVME177, MVME162 and MVME172
PowerPC MVME2300, MVME2400, MVME2600 and MVME2700

Last-Orders and Support
In order to cover your demand for running projects and entire customers you can place your "last orders" by end of this year. Shipments can be carried out by end of 2005. Repairs are possible by end of 2010 :

The following schedule applies to all affected boards:

Last order until : December 31st, 2004
Last shipments until : December 31st, 2005
End of service : December 31st, 2010

RoHS compliant replacement Products
Today we can already provide a wide range of products which will be RoHS compliant available. With these "future-proof" products you can start new designs or migrate existing projects - and protect your investments:

Products, which will be available RoHS compliant:
MVME2100 Low-cost I/O controller with 200MHz MPC8240 CPU, RS232-Port, Fast Ethernet, and one PMC site
MVME5100 CPU board with 400/500 MHz MPC7410, 400MHz MPC755 or 450MHz MPC750 processor, up to 1 GB ECC SDRAM, 2 serial ports, 2 Fast Ethernet ports, and 2 PMC sites
MVME5500 High-performance CPU board with 1 GHz MPC7455 processor, up to 1 GB ECC SDRAM, 2 serial ports, Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet port, 2 64bit/66MHz PMC sites
MVME6100 High-performance CPU board with 320MB/s high-speed 2eSST VMEbus interface, 1.3GHz MPC7457 processor, up to 2 GB ECC DDR RAM, 2/4 serial ports, 2 GbE ports, 2 64bit/100 MHz PMC-X sites



RoHS - The next 10-year problem
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